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Look Your Best . . .

- Make-up tips and outfit ideas, for a slimmer look in senior pictures. Looking great in those once in a lifetime Senior Portraits.

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Clothing . . .

- Simple, those that make you look & feel your best.

- Bring a variety of outfits for your high school senior pics: casual, sports, activity uniforms, formal wear, rings, jewelry, hats, etc.

- Bring personal items that represent your lifestyle, interests, and activities.

- For a slimmer look in your senior pictures: Outfits which, divide the body vertically, have open neck lines, fit well through your midsection and in the shoulders.

- Most of us need to avoid high contrast horizontal stripes and heavy fabrics.

- Low contrast horizontal stripes and heavy fabrics can work for those with small upper bodies.

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Makeup . . .

- Makeup; soft, natural, light. Our lighting and imaging systems are designed to eliminate poor color normally associated with portrait photography.

Nutrition . . .

- A great look is a healthy look, the result of healthy lifestyle.

- Get plenty of... rest, water, fresh fruits, & vegetables for a attractive look in your senior portraits.

- Dehydrated skin and chapped or cracked are not attractive.

Other Considerations

- Hair: your style, avoid: new cuts, new styles, and those hair styles which obscure you eyes.

- Guys, a close shave for your senior photos.

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